Jeremy Bellows - What is Front-End and Back-End Web Development?

What is Front-End and Back-End Web Development?


Modern Web development is a complex harmonization of web systems. Web systems are categorized then developed and maintained by two different programming roles; front-end developer and back-end developer.

Defining Roles

Each role operates with engineering and scientific processes, and is responsible for their part of the overall system.

Automotive Vehicle Analogy

A fitting analogy for web development is engineering an automotive vehicle. A car contains two of many important components, the engine and the driver interface.

Back-end Web Developer

A back-end web developer’s role is to design and develop a system capable of performing domain specific tasks. These tasks are crucial to the operation of the intended utility of the website.

What is a back-end web developer’s job in regards to the vehicle analogy?

A back-end web developer is similar to an engineer that is focused on the core part of an automotive system, the engine.

The engine is responsible for powering the car with energy for transportation. Systems developed by back-end web developers also contain this property except energy can be described as data communicated between different systems.

Front-end Web Developer

A front-end web developer’s role is to design and develop the interface to web systems. The interface itself could also be considered a contained system, as it is responsible for translating and presenting data in formats that engage users efficiently.

Engaging user’s efficiently is a front-end web developer’s main directive, as packaging information in a consumable format is crucial for fulfilling the intention of the system.

Front-end web development is difficult due to the chaotic state of web technology. Users may be accessing the website through different operating systems, web browsers, or devices. Any one of these variables has potential impact on the presentation of the interface and requires careful planning in order to optimize user engagement.

What is a front-end web developer’s job in regards to the vehicle analogy?

The front-end web developer is in charge of the system interface. The most common interface to an automotive vehicle is the driver’s interface.

The driver’s interface is important for the presentation and operation of the vehicle. Without it, there would be no way to control the engine to perform the domain specific task. A website’s role is to allow the user to operate the web system.


Front-end web development and back-end web development work in harmony to allow the user to operate a web system simply and easily. Together, these roles enable web technologies that improve tomorrow.